Secret Passions (Secret Series Book 4)

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  2. Secret Seduction
  3. Bound By Their Secret Passion (Mills & Boon Historical) (The Scandalous Summerfields, Book 4)
  4. Bound By Their Secret Passion (Scandalous Summerfields, book 4) by Diane Gaston

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The books, with illustrations by Fritz Siebel, depict a young woman who sows domestic chaos in and around the home of her wealthy employers, a snooty older couple who have outsourced the labor of keeping their household, family, and community relations running smoothly. Each book follows a simple formula: Amelia Bedelia, a housemaid replete with apron and frilled cap, encounters various domestic imperatives: clean the house, host a party, babysit, substitute-teach.

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But, rather than keeping order, Amelia Bedelia creates disarray. She takes each instruction she is given with an absurd literalism. Rogers tells her; Amelia Bedelia reaches for pen and paper. Her one undeniable talent—the reason that the Rogerses keep her around—is as a pastry chef: cream puffs, tea cakes, pies, tarts.

But, where Bartleby responds to degradation by withdrawing, reducing, starving himself, Amelia Bedelia produces sugary excess. Throughout her daily grind, she cheerfully acquiesces to her lot even as she subverts almost every task assigned to her. Bartleby teaches us to look for resistance in forms of ascetic refusal; Amelia Bedelia turns passive aggression into a kind of art.

Parish was born into a poor family in small-town South Carolina in ; her mother died when she was young, and her father had no formal education beyond the fourth grade. The words we assign to so many elements of the world are complex and often confounding to children, and they need time and space to explore this confusion.

Secret Seduction

Her portraits capture the sexuality that seduced Nelson much more powerfully than any paintings by men. In modern times, Picasso coded every detail of his love life in his art, using it to celebrate and punish the women in his life. He even paid homage to the Renaissance cult of the art of love in a series of engravings of Raphael and his mistress La Fornarina.

But in his violently carnal masterpiece, The Three Dancers, he tells a story of love gone wrong.

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Bound By Their Secret Passion (Mills & Boon Historical) (The Scandalous Summerfields, Book 4)

Two of the figures represent his friends Ramon Pichot and his wife, Germaine Gargallo. Frida Kahlo was just as painfully confessional: in her Self-Portrait as a Tehuana, she has the face of her difficult love Diego Rivera tattooed on her forehead.

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Bound By Their Secret Passion (Scandalous Summerfields, book 4) by Diane Gaston

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Bound By Their Secret Passion Mills & Boon Historical The Scandalous Summerfields, Book 4