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This tattoo can be worn by people who wish to try the contemporary form of design.

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It can be worn by both men and women of any age group. The above tattoo represents the Guardian Angel. They are mostly depicted as a man or a woman with wings and sometimes holding a child in the arms. The guardian angel is regarded as the representative of god who guides people towards good deeds.

140 Heavenly Angel Tattoos That Will Make You Believe

They are considered to be protective and loving towards mankind. The angel with heart tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo designs. There are a number of interpretations for this design.

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The heart represents the newly found love which is guarded by the angel. The second meaning could be freedom, joyous and free spirited nature of a person. People who lost their dear ones get this heart angel tattoo inked on them.

Charming Angel Tattoos – Most Popular Designs of - Wild Tattoo Art

The colourful angel tattoo of the hand tattoo designs is fast gaining popularity amongst youngsters. This tattoo can be drawn on the shoulders, hands or on the back. This is the fairy angel tattoo which signifies love, protection, happiness and purity and is great for women. The balance held by the angel shows that every human has both positive and negative elements. Such designs are drawn by black ink mostly and bright colours are rarely used. This tattoo is another form of guardian angel. These angels represent a link between the god and the mortals on the earth. It shows the divine connection between the spiritual world and the material world.

Therefore the guardian angel tattoos are worn by people who want to connect themselves with the spiritual world. We shall give you the reason they are so popular, and then we will go further to explain the various meaning behind them. First of all, it is important to note that these tattoos originated from a religious perspective. In all holy books of the various religions found in the world, you will always find the spiritual creatures which are the angels.

In these holy books majority of the angels have been portrayed as good caring creatures except for one or two. The angels have been shown as religious figures which help to connect the earth with heaven. This is what has contributed to the popularity of these tattoos. When men or women get these tattoos, they usually tend to have a feeling of calmness and protection because they relate the tattoos to the religious stories that they have read. These tattoos can be interpreted to come with a lot of different meanings as we are going to see. Some of these tattoos tend to mean hope, faith and protection.

So why are Angel Tattoos Popular?

This is especially the case when the tattoo is of an archangel. Tattoos of archangels usually have an angel with a light behind them, with open wings and with armor or sword on their hands. Many individuals get these tattoos to have the peace of mind as they see the angel as their protecting figure. This particular kind of tattoos is mostly common among women.

With the tattoo, women will be showing that they believe they are renewed and have been reborn to become innocent once again. This symbol also indicates that they believe in the innocence of the soul and sometimes in Christ.

75 Remarkable Angel Tattoos For Men – Ink Ideas That Will Give You Wings

A tattoo of an angel can also be taken to mean that someone has suffered a loss. In some cases, an individual may lose his or her loved one and might decide to get this tattoo to continue feeling close to the deceased. Some of these tattoos could also be taken to mean rebellion, defiance, fear and death.

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This is commonly traced back from rebellious angels such as Lucifer etc. Therefore, some people may just get these tattoos to show people their defiance.

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Another meaning that could come out from these tattoos is perseverance and resilience. The people having these tattoos will be showing that they are capable of persevering hard or challenging situations. These tattoos typically give two simple representation which are meant to show different aspects of life. First, the tattoos could be used to represent love. The description of love is very common especially in the archangel whose job is believed to be looking after the humans.